About The Discovery Project

The Discovery Project has been funded and designed by REFEDS to support service providers implementing access management for research and education federations. It has been created to offer advice on an improved user experience that will work for all federations internationally and across different types of discovery software. The guide is based on the NISO ESPRESSO guidelines and is designed to walk service providers through the ESPRESSO standard in a simple format.

If you would like to discuss issues with implementing access management in more detail, please contact us.


The mission of REFEDS is to be the voice that articulates the mutual needs of research and education identity federations worldwide. REFEDS is managed by TERENA, the Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association, which provide secretariat support for the group. REFEDS meets twice a year, and manages its work throughout the year via the REFEDS wiki, the REFEDS mailing list and via its working groups.


NISO is where content publishers, libraries, and software developers turn for information industry standards that allow them to work together. Through NISO, all of these communities are able to collaborate on mutually accepted standards — solutions that enhance their operations today and form a foundation for the future.

The NISO ESPRESSO standard was developed to answer the question of "perfecting single-sign-on (SSO) authentication to achieve seamless item-level linking through SSO technologies in a networked information environment."